Engaged societies require accessible information. Governments and organizations around the world produce a tremendous amount of data about every aspect of our lives, but too often it's difficult to access or confusing to understand. Our goal is to put that knowledge at your fingertips so that you can advocate for the things most important to you. 


Chart Your World is maintained by Dr. Morgan Rehnberg, Director of Scientific Presentation at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. The site has no affiliation with the Museum.


We endeavor to use only the highest-quality and most-reliable data. When a chart focuses on a single country or population, we give preference to data produced by its governing body, if that data is available in English. Charts covering more than one country typically rely on data aggregated by international organizations like the World Bank because these sources try to regularize their data. Information aggregated by these sources may be originally produced by other organizations.


All charts produced by Chart Your World are released under a CC0 license, which allows for unlimited reproduction or modification as permitted by law. Although this license does not require you to provide attribution, we'd sure appreciate it if you did! If you make broad use of these resources, it'd also be great if you could let us know so that we understand how these resources are useful.